Professional Makeup

Professional Makeup is one aspect of the sessions that is taken extremely seriously. For ladies, no session is at it’s absolute best without it. Over years of trial & error, I’ve learned several things about makeup as it applies to photography.
First, the type of makeup that’s used is more important than many people may think. While so many brands react just fine on a daily basis, getting makeup to work well with strobe lights and ultra-sharp lenses is another matter altogether. Second, truly skilled makeup artists are very hard to find. Especially with Headshots, there is no room for error here and it’s critical that the makeup artist involved in the shoot is not only highly skilled, but intimately familiar with the entire workflow of the session, as well.
I’m very fortunate to work with highly skilled makeup artists/stylists and am now able to provide professional makeup to any client who requires it; regardless of what time their session is scheduled. I work directly with the makeup artist during your shoot so that we are able to customize your makeup and wardrobe to match the general look we need from your shoot.
Because of the relationship between product, skill, and knowledge of the workflow, communication is crucial.
Trained at the Make-Up Designory in NYC, Michelle Maw is among the elite artists in this region.  She is noted for being able to pull the ‘look’ back to a subtle even tone, as well as being exceptionally talented with regard to fashion applications.  You can follow Michelle on Twitter.